VOIP Phone Service

Intarion’s VOIP Phone Service offers a better, more affordable way to communicate with your business partners, customers, and vendors. If you’re currently using an older analog business phone system – especially for long distance and overseas calls – Intarion can save you money while providing increased mobility for you and your employees.

Intarion can evaluate your current phone requirements and provide you with a solution that is manageable and cost-effective. Intarion’s solutions offer productivity-enhancing features, such as unified messaging with email, secure chat and Microsoft Outlook integration. It can be combined with audio conferencing, photo caller ID, visual voice, email/text, ring back and on-the-fly recording. We can help develop a solution for your business no matter the size, from the small office to the enterprise.

Our phone solutions can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. If you have a mobile workforce, your employees will be able to make calls and access your phone system from around the world, increasing flexibility and productivity. In addition, Intarion’s systems allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change.